What is The Purpose of Tenant Verification

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There are so many violent activities around us. Out of those several acts very view only comes under our vision. Thus we cannot expect from where the problem comes.

This is the true fact of tension with most of the landlords and house owners. The tenants who are getting the flat or house for rent should be genuine and good. At times the tenants misuse the weakness of the house owner and they do several illegal activities which finally go on the head of the house owner only.

Then the house owner only has to answer everyone for those illegal activities which are held in his or her house.  Thus to avoid all these unwanted headaches the government as well as the police officials insists the house owners strictly to do the tenant verification.

Tenant verification is a basic procedure by which the landlords and the house owners should assure that the tenant who is going to stay in her or his residence is a genuine person. For this the house owner or landlord should go for a thorough background check up regarding the tenant before permitting him or her to reside.

The thorough check up includes whether the tenant is having any criminal records on his or her name, having the identity proofs like passport, ration card, driving license, PAN card, working company identity card, etc. With the above mentioned details the tenant verification form has to be filled duly and submitted to the nearby police department.

The tenant verification is then done by the concerned police officials and the signature along with the stamp seal will be provided in the tenant verification form. One copy of this form can be provided to the tenant, one copy to the security of the house or land and the original copy will be with the landlord or the house owner.